UX and design cases

You-et likes to guide clients and their projects to create value with and through Artificial Intelligence and Design. This diverse background could give an innovative boost to your teams and projects! Please, take a look at some of the projects.

Data Science for Service Design

PAPER - August 14, 2020

This paper was presented at the Design Research Society (DRS) Conference on the Data Science for Service Design project. It identifies the opportunities for data science to support the service design process. > Acquire the DRS2020 paper

No more manual paperwork with Psymate

WORK IN PROCESS - February 28, 2020

Many psychologists deal with a lot of paperwork and amateurish copy-paste work. This application helps psychologist to take neuropsychological tests and automate the reports.

Design Process Modeler

INTERACTIVE - January 12, 2020

The Design Process Modeler personalizes a model that represents the design process by adapting to a series of questions. Here is a little warning: it is work in progress. > Make your own model

Design deliverables

Animation of Website concept: Postcard

Website concept: Postcard


One of the concepts for a wedding website was the postcard. First, the guest receives a personalised message like an invitation. The next cards show more detailed information and are animated like physical postcards. It would be possible to have clickable edges for all cards. In this case, other navigation is still necessary for quick access to an address, for example.

Learning platform helps students and teachers


From 2016 to 2018, I took care of the redesign and UX of an online learning platform (the OLO). It was challenging to balance the old application, the parent organisation (University of Twente) and an own identity.

Look at the OLO project

Managing the pages of the Online learning platform


High school students can learn from and practise on the OLO platform. The content contains a network of interactive animations (submodules), exercises and courses. I sketched priority guides to help us combine and organise content and features on the pages.

Look at the OLO project

Do-it: Guide


The Do-it system contains a trigger that stimulates positive experiences throughout daily life. This guide helps the user set up the trigger and learn positive new behaviours, such as talking a daily walk. I designed a guide, while the other team members focused on the trigger itself. The team included me, Evelyn van de Bildt and Marlin Bloemberg.

Do-it: Introduction storyboard


The Do-it system was introduced in a short movie. After brainstorming ideas for the movie, we decided to parody an influencer vlog. The storyboard shows the beginning of the movie. Shots A and B use different camera angles.

Do-it: Guide iteration


Here is an iteration of the Do-it guide. Each column is a step that the user takes, under which different ideas are placed. The options are later discussed and ranked. The setup makes it easy to keep track of the user's previous and next steps.

Business card 2.0


The origami prototype of the You-et logo is a business card concept. This way, there is more room for content and it has a playful character.