You-et writes

You-et switched sides from machine to human. She writes about her explorations, creations and curiosities. This overview collects blogs, cases and interactive pages from the website.

Design Process Modeler

INTERACTIVE - January 12, 2020

The Design Process Modeler personalizes a model that represents the design process by adapting to a series of questions. Here is a little warning: it is work in progress. > Make your own model

HyperLAN themes

BLOG - August 19, 2018

Each HyperLAN edition has its own theme, image and mug. This post shows some of the most popular ones so far. > Read

Packaging for Clipper

BLOG - October 01, 2017

The package needs to meet technical requirements, but is it sustainable? This new concept protects the tea, milk can and sugar pot and is designed to include reusable and/or recyclable packaging. > Read

Game changer at "Men of Steel"

BLOG - June 06, 2016

LAN party association HyperLAN wanted to break the monopoly by hardcore players on competition prizes. How could we do this? > Read

A gaming logo for HyperLAN

BLOG - May 20, 2014

Mind maps, brainstorming and a lot of sketching resulted in many logos and ideas. However none of these first results were used. > Read